Apple iPhone 12 MINI

Apple iPhone 12 MINI

SKU: SKU: PHAP009-1-2-2-1

Wrapsol iPhone 12 Pro MINI Screen Protector

Screen Protectors too often add unnecessary bulk to an otherwise sleek design.  Wrapsol’s Screen Protector for the Apple iPhone 12 is less than 200 micron’s thick, meaning it is virtually invisible on your device. It protects against drops, scratches, car keys, and the 1,000 other things that causes cracks or scratches. Our dry installation means a fast install without any annoying air bubbles left behind. Durable, easy-to-install, and almost invisible.

  • Weight1 lbs

    Dimensions 12 × 12 × 2  in Variation

    ULTRA Screen + Back Protectors, ULTRA Screen Protector, Xtreme Protection – Red, Xtreme Screen Protectors – Black